• New Testament
    New York: American Bible Society, 1860
    Agate 32mo. 257th ed. Wm. H. Underhill, Captain in the1st Regiment N.Y.S.V

  • Tintype photo of Thomas F. Ramsey, found in:

    New Testament
    New York: American Bible Society, 1862
    Pearl 32mo. 81st ed. Inscribed on front pastedown Thomas F. Ramsey

  • New Testament
    New York: ABS, 1917
    Nonp. Pocket
    Signed by Chamberlain Bounds USMC, Abilene Texas (US Marine Corps?). On the Memoranda pages at the end of the volume, Bounds inscribed in pencil his odyssey starting from Abilene, TX, Parris Island, SC; Quantico, Va; Philadelphia, Penn. USS Henderson; Brest, France … many places in France, mostly illegible … Cologne . An address in Orleans.

  • New Testament
    New York: American Bible Society, 1942
    Life Boats and Rafts.

  • Bible
    New York: American Bible Society, 2001
    GNT. Also distributed with DC. “Operation Enduring Freedom”

Finding Comfort in Difficult Times

A Selection of Soldiers' Bibles

February 03–May 20, 2012

Turning to the Bible in times of danger has
long been a source of comfort. Providing soldiers
with a printed Bible was first done by
Oliver Cromwell in 1643. His Souldiers Pocket
was a small pamphlet including verses
selected mostly from the Old Testament in the
Geneva version. Starting with the American
Civil War, pocket copies of the New Testament
or the entire Bible were regularly distributed
to both Union and Confederate soldiers, with
the American Bible Society assuming the
leading role. Surviving copies of these Scriptures
bear testimony to their use and tell
compelling stories of hardship and faith. This
exhibition brings together a large number of
“Soldiers’ Bibles” that document individual
lives within the tragic context of war.

Exhibition and preservation of the Rare Bible Collection @ MOBIA are made possible, in part, by the generous support of the American Bible Society.