• The Surety of Sinners, 19th century. (Photo: Jon Crismen).

  • Saint Paraskeva, tempera on wood panel, 19th C.

  • Saint George with riza, oil/wood, brass, 19th C.

  • Processional cross, oil on wood, c. 1900.

  • Mother of God of the Sun, tempera on wood, 19th C.

  • The Holy Evangelist Mark, tempera on wood, 19th C.

  • Holy Prince Vladimir, oil on wood, late 19th C.

  • Saint Florus and Lourus, tempera on wood, 18th C.

  • Feodor Mother of God, tempera on wood, c. 1900

  • Seven Archangels, oil on wood, early 20th C.

  • Archangel Michael, oil. tempera on wood, 20th C.

  • Lord Sabaoth, oil on wood panel, late 19th C.

Holy Art of Imperial Russia


June 30–October 02, 1999

A selection from the Hollingsworth Collection, this exhibition illustrates the stylistic evolution of icons created in the Romanov period.

In the Romanov period, the traditional craft of icon painting underwent a significant change. Under the influence of Western painting, icons acquired a more three-dimensional, realistic component. The exhibition displays “westernized,” more painterly icons alongside those preserving the traditional stylized manner of the post-Byzantine tradition.