• Ellen Miret, Intersecting Lines of Redemption (detail), 2004. Computer generated graphic from glass tile in Witness series, 2003. (Photo: Gina Fuentes Walker).

Images in Reflection

A Collaboration of Art and Prayer

May 07–July 03, 2004

Pairing works of art in a range of media by Ellen Miret, one of the nation’s leading stained glass artists, with theological reflections by Hondi Duncan Brasco, Director of the Center for Spiritual Growth in Bronxville, New York, this exhibition is a dialogue between image and word.

Miret and Brasco began this creative collaboration in the aftermath of September 11, when Brasco invited people in the local community to come together for prayerful conversation at the Center’s home, Christ Church. These gatherings turned into an ongoing interfaith prayer group. This exhibition pairs Miret’s visual response to the complex manifestations of faith amid crisis with Brasco’s theological meditations.