• Gustave DorĂ© (1832-1883), Woman Taken in Adultery (detail). (Photo: From the DorĂ© Bible Gallery, New York: Fine Art Publishing Co., 1879, The Library at the American Bible Society).

In Search of Mary Magdalene

Images and Traditions

April 05–June 29, 2002

Images of Mary Magdalene are identifiable from the beginnings of Christian art. The iconography of Mary Magdalene in Western art shows her variously as the first witness to the Resurrection, as an apostle to the apostles preacher-evangelist, and as an archetypal penitential saint. This exhibition and accompanying catalog provide an investigation of the image of Mary Magdalene that offers changing reflections on the interpretations of woman as saint and sinner in Christian thought. The exhibition is curated by Dr. Diane Apostolos-Cappadona, Visiting Research Professor at the Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding and Adjunct Professor of Liberal Studies at Georgetown University.