• Icoană pe sticlă,  “Sfântul Dumitru,” Şcheii Braşovului, Transilvania, 19th Century.

  • Ploscă (A+B), Suceava, Bucovina, Circa 1873

  • Cruce de mână, Transilvania, 20th Century

  • Icoană pe sticlă “Învierea,” Ţara Bârsei, Transilvania, 19th Century

  • Ou încondeiat, Muntenia, 20th Century

Rites of Passage

Art and Religion in Romanian Life

July 30–October 09, 2004

The exhibition presents rare icons and liturgical art, as well as objects connected to the festivals, customs, and everyday life of Romanians from the late 18th through the early 21st century. The works on view illustrate the individuality of Romanian folk art within the family of Eastern Orthodox art and artifacts, providing evidence of the close interaction between the religious and the secular in the life of the Romanian peasant class.