• David E. Levine

  • Anita Breitenberg Naylor, Revelation 3:5, 2002, Collage.

  • Bruce West, Entrance to Margaret’s Grocery, MS, 2002, C-print.

  • Roger Feldman, Current, 2003, Pastel and mortar on wood.

  • James Disney, Through the Eye of a Needle, 2001, Watercolor.

  • Robert P. Eustace, Image: Seed of Divine Life, 2003, Altarpiece construction/combined process on wood and metal .

The Next Generation

Contemporary Expressions of Faith

August 20–November 13, 2005

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the founding of the organization Christians in the Visual Arts (CIVA), this juried exhibition looks at the work of contemporary artists who are addressing religious themes.

As the Gallery’s The Word as Art: Contemporary Renderings demonstrated in 2000, works of art drawn from biblical narrative or featuring biblical subjects and themes often were overlooked in the late 20th century. Despite increasing secularization and reduced patronage, however, artists continue to explore religious themes and symbolism. The work of the many artists on display illustrates the continuing relevance of religion to artistic production as well as the vital role art plays in the testament of faith.