• Larry Racioppo, Pizzeria Wall, 2005. Color print. Court Street, Brooklyn, NY.

  • Larry Racioppo, Jesus Loves You, 2005, 6 x 9 Color negative.

  • Larry Racioppo, Jahmel, 1993, 6 x 9 Color negative.

  • Larry Racioppo, God Bless Deli, 2005, 6 x 9 Color negative.

  • Larry Racioppo. Crosses in Street Bridging, 1995, 645 Color negative.

  • Larry Racioppo, Bread Cross, 1995, 645 Color Negative.

The Word on the Street

The Photographs of Larry Racioppo

June 15–August 20, 2006

Racioppo’s view of the city is informed in large part by his work as the official photographer for New York City’s Department of Housing Preservation and Development. Because of his position, He has become familiar with-and has unique access to-the widely economically and ethnically diverse neighborhoods in upper Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and the Bronx and has photographed instances of personal devotion in the unlikeliest of places and in a city which, many people in the U.S. feel, is almost entirely devoid of faith. The Word on the Street is divided into five thematic sections: street memorials, devotion at work, the word on the street, portable devotion, and altars and shrines. Racioppo’s photographs underscore the vitality of certain symbols and images over time and geography and because of their intimacy, his images are immediately accessible to multiple audiences. Taken together Racioppo’s photographs reveal how religious imagery has been, and continues to be, incorporated into quotidian life, how often private devotion is made available for public consumption.

Major support for The Word on the Street: The Photographs of Larry Racioppo has been provided by the National Endowment for the Arts.